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Level 1, Restricted: University data that is protected by federal, state, or local laws and regulations, industry regulations, or provisions in government research grants or other contractual arrangements, which impose legal and technical restrictions on the appropriate use of institutional information. Examples of restricted data include but are not limited to: non-directory student educational records, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, health records, and some combinations of personal information (e.g. the combination of name and financial account information). Level 2, Sensitive: University data that may not be protected by law, regulation, or contract but is considered private and is subject to special treatment. Examples of Level 2 data include but are not limited to: personal information and any other information that Arcadia University has agreed or decided to keep private. Level 3, Internal: University data that is proprietary or produced only for use by Arcadia University Data Users who have a legitimate purpose to access such data. Examples of Level 3 data include but are not limited to: financial and budget information of Arcadia University prior to publication. Level 4, Public: University data and institutional information that has few restrictions and/or is intended for public use. An example of public data includes the Arcadia University website.

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